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The Temporary Roomie

 Author: Sarah Adams  Category:  Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors; First Edition (10 May 2023)  Published: May 10, 2023  ISBN: 9395192097  Get It

Jessica has landed into Drew’s spare bedroom because her house is being renovated. It’s like being your greatest rival’s temporary roommate.
Can she play nice with her enemy? Or is it time for sweet sweet revenge!
Drew is a doctor who has mastered the art of hiding his true thoughts and feelings. He lets Jessica – his sister’s best friend – move in to his house, even though she is his arch nemesis.
Will he accept his true feelings for her? Or will their past come between them?
Will The Temporary Roomie find a permanent place in the other’s heart? This romantic comedy will surely make you laugh out loud and fall in love again.