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The Alien Inquiry – from UFOs to UAPs: [5 in 1] Enigmatic Signs, Pentagon’s Secrets, Official Testimonies, Historic Revelations and the Undeniable Search for Extraterrestrial Life

 Author: Steven D. McIntire  Category:  Publisher: Independently published (August 14, 2023)  Published: August 14, 2023  Get It

Are you drawn to the unexplained phenomena in our skies?
Do you seek answers to the age-old question of whether we are alone in the universe?

The Alien Inquiry – From UFOs to UAPs” is more than just a book; it’s a definitive exploration of the real encountersconfidential inquiries, and profound implications surrounding the phenomenon of “Unidentified Flying Objects”.

Dive into the enigmatic signs that have captivated both enthusiasts and skeptics alike, uncovering the hidden truths behind the Pentagon’s top-secret research. Explore the official testimonies and interviews that shed light on long-held secrets, and delve into the historic revelations that have shaped our understanding of the cosmos.