Hot book press + cover table

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Hot book press + cover table

Postby Ripek » Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:56 am

For sale, made 10-20 blocks like new.


Variable temperature and pressing time. Timer alarm. Mechanical hot press + manual cool down press + photobook jig.
Max book block is 12x12" if I remember correctly.

Safety features and emergency stop.

I can supply 300gsm or 80gsm page substrates with silikone liner - bonding point 80 deg C.

Also cover table very similar to this:
With air suction, corner cutter and wrapper to wrap the fabric around the board.

Lightly used, some minor scuffs.

Items are in Poland. No problem with shipping around EU.

Asking price is 3500EUR for the machine (3100 without the cooldown press) and 1500EUR for the air table.
Cost for a 12x12" 300gsm substrate is around 0,5EUR so book block making is very economical!
VAT excluded. If you are eu vat registered I will drop vat on this.

A typical book takes 15 minutes to bake and 30 minutes to cool down.
Jig is able to make very even block's.

There are also 80gsm substrates and you can make "back-to-back" glued blocks.

I will give you a complete information about the substrate manufacturer so you can buy from him directly.

If you want a real pictures contact me.
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